Who likes me?

My ex-boss likes me . . .

“Broos wore many hats. He wrote feature, advertorial, and marketing pieces that were flawless, entertaining, and informative. He edited the work of freelance authors of varying abilities, coaching them tactfully yet firmly through the long and sometimes arduous process of writing a book. His organizational skills and ability to handle multiple projects made him an employee I could always count on to come through in an emergency.

“In addition to his writing and editing talents, Broos has an excellent sense of design, and his comments during our design and photo meetings were always astute and invaluable.”

—Margaret Martin,
Managing Editor, Cherbo Publishing Group

My ex-colleagues like me . . .

“Most copy editors I've known were either permanently indignant or bitingly sarcastic; either way, I've never known anyone who threw himself wholeheartedly into the workload with as big a smile as Broos, and he's among the best of them too. I'm not immune to error, and when it happens, there's no one I'd rather have catch it.”

— Luke Thompson,
Film Critic, Village Voice Group

“Broos is not only a gifted editor and writer but someone who can be trusted to get the job done, with never a grumble or complaint. He is among the most professional people I've worked with. His intelligence and quick, easy wit come through in his work. He has the ability to guide writers clearly and sees the big picture as well as the details when editing. He would be an asset to any company.”

—Tina Rubin,
Senior Editor, Cherbo Publishing Group

“Broos is an editor of uncommon caliber. I've been in the letters trade a while now, and I haven't yet worked with another editor as skilled in wordcraft as he is. Of all the books our company published when I worked with him, the ones he edited were the best of the lot. Did he just happen to get the best writers? No--I read some of their raw stuff. But by the time the galleys went to the printer, we had a polished product, readable and informative. Also, Broos damn near rivals Wikipedia when you need to know something.”

—Benjamin Proust,
Editor, Cherbo Publishing Group

Even my ex-wife likes me!

“Broos Campbell possesses all the attributes needed to be a valuable asset at any publication, print or online. He has a strong background in production and design, and he picks up on any new software quickly. In the capacity of language policeman, he uses his copyediting and proofreading skills to improve the words of others while protecting both the English language and the writer's individual voice. And as a writer himself, he is an accomplished communicator who brings humor, elegance and scrupulous accuracy to any project.”

—Sharan Street,
Managing Editor, AVN;
former Managing Editor, Village Voice Group (LA Weekly);
former Director of Editorial Operations, Metro Newspapers